Benidorm Boat Party

Benidorm Boat Party


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Benidorm Catamaran Cruise

Benidorm Harbour

Have you dreamed of going on a sea voyage along the Mediterranean? Of soaking up the tender Mediterranean sun, while tippling on a bottle of prime-quality haut-de-gamme champagne? What may seem like a whimsical reverie may in fact be realized during your next trip to Spain. For more info, read on our article.

Make your way to Benidorm & Alicante for a one-of-its-kind boat party. The jamboree unfolds on a catamaran that will take you and your friends on a Mediterranean sea journey, complete with beer, and other alcohol, to make your stag Benidorm holiday truly worth it.

On your trip you can profit from live DJs, a sail around Alicante Harbour, an exquisite drink selection, to add to priced-in hotel transfers, nice swimming options, and loads of other nice experience for you and your group of friends to feet the utmost of the boat fun with all the usual suspects a board.

Note that the Benidorm boat party should be booked in advanced. Board the boat for your party off the coast in Spain, and invite as many friends as you can to your event.

Benidorm boat party

off the coast of Benidorm

Whereas the catamaran is a great option for a stag party, there is another stag party boat that casts off at Alicante harbor.

The vessel is a yacht, which is a one-of-its-kind way to spend four hours at sea with your friends tippling their way into a sweet surrender to the voluptuous nature of being.

First, you will be picked up from your hotel or apartment by a transfer and then whisked to the jetty.

From there, you will jump on the state-of-the-art watercraft and set out for your nonpareil fun sea voyage, one of the beach boat parties there is on offer in Spain.

During your 3-hour trip you will be entertained by live DJs; have access to an in-boat bar with free juice, soft drinks, water, and soft drinks in free supply, along with it, drinks are priced in: beer, wine, and Tinto de Verrano, an exquisite melange of wine and lemonade.

To add to this you can buy more drinks from the bar and even pre-order mouthwatering tapas, a signature dish of the Mediterranean Spain.

Note that groups of 10 people or more will get two free bottles of wine or cava, for you to pass your sea journey as convivially as possible.

But it is not just tippling that will be on offer, you can also profit from snorkeling in the limpid waters of the Mediterranean: you will get free snorkeling gear like masks and flippers, to see the Mediterranean's unique underwater fauna.

All in all, the journey on the will set you back 71 euros for a sail without transport, and 94 euros for a sea trip with the transfer priced in.


Bear in mind that there are other options to have a nice sea journey from Alicante harbor to party your way around the coruscating Mediterranean.

For example, you can book a private boat in advance right from the port, look around for fellow sailors in town, or come up with an idea of your own to stage a veritable Benidorm boat party for you and your friends to feel truly exuberant.