Best Beach Bars in Alicante

Best Beach Bars in Alicante

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Alicante Marina boasts a nice location

Life Beach Club Alicante

Visa of Alicante beach

Nestled on the white sands of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, near Playa de Las Huertas beach, the beach club is one of the best beach clubs in Alicante, Spain.

Open throughout warm months, it stands out thanks to its highly advantageous location, and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

But it is also its cool vibe, a splendid bar, known for its delectable cocktails, and the great lay-out, complete with Balinese beds and hammocks.

Head here with your amigos or your significant other, and spend an unforgettable soiree at one of the best beach nightclubs on Spain's Costa Blanca.

Address: C. de los Corales, 1, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Working hours: 7.30pm - 1am

Xeven Beach Club Alicante

Alicante Marina, nice place for going to cocktails bars at night and fun nighlife

Opening on Saturday, 23rd of May, 2023, after months of hibernation, the beach bar, situated on Avenida de Niza, is coming back with live music, performed by such stars as Samuel Pomata, Ruben Blasco, Dumore, Ruben Moya, and the like.

The all-white beach shack is near the park Glorieta de la Democracia.

It features not just a cool bar, great atmosphere, and a crew of cocktail wizards, but also Xeven's signature beach canvas chairs and a mind-blowing panorama of the Mediterranean.

What is more, it pulls in throngs of punters, avid for a cool party on the beach, who flock back to their watering hole of choice every summer, making it one of the most fun environments to enjoy Alicante's nightlife and electronic music.

Address: Av. de Niza, 13A, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Working hours: Depending on the season and the events

Levante Bar Beach Club Alicante

City view and near the old town cocktails bars

Working daily into the wee hours, Levant Beach Club is arguably Alicante's best beach club for the beach fun continuing late into the night, a perfect place for a party and an after-party.

Boasting a great terrace with a vista of the town's beauteous marina, it is one of the best beach clubs in Alicante to listen to live music, and sip on truly delicious signature drinks, which make even the most jaded of tipplers truly satisfied.

Note that once the other nightclubs and restaurants close down, Levant Bar Beach Club is the place to go to drink your way to sunrise, whether solo or accompanied by your drinking buddies.

Address: Mlle. Levante, 6A, 03001, Alicante, Spain

Working hours: Sunday from 12pm to 3am, and the rest of the week from 12 pm to 5am

Xiringuito Postiguet Beach Club Alicante

City traffic on the way to old town

Known for its cool rough & tumble beach hut, Xiringuito Postiguet Beach Club Alica

nte is a non-pareil small bar to pass away your vespertine melancholy.

Here you can find not only real cocktail wizards, but also take delight in the gob-smacking view of the Mediterranean, sip on its signature tipple, Sangria, and listen to cool life music, and take pleasure in the beach bar's non-pareil live entertainment, on its cool wooden deck and in the bar area.

Make your way here in the summer months to spend your evening in a good place in company of cool beach & music aficionados.

Address: Playa de Postiguet, s/n, 03001 Alicante, Spain

Working hours: 10 am- 10pm

Ocean Beach Club Volvo Alicante

Alicante Marina fun atmosphere as the evening approaches

One of the best restaurants to eat seafood in Alicante, Ocean Beach Club Volvo Alicante, is an exclusive food establishment to spend warmer months right opposite a scenic marina.

Take delight in the panormaic view that opens up from the Ocean Beach Club Volvo Alicante, and tuck into the local delicious food, such as octopus and other magnificent sea food options.

Keep in mind that if you make a reservation of a table in this restaurant using the Fork app, you can save up some money, and take delight in this dining complex without spending a fortune.

Address: Mlle. Levante, 10, 03001 Alicante, Spain

Working hours: 10 am-2 pm

Casa Domingo Wine & Paella Bar

Drinks by the seaside and two terraces of rock

One of the best restaurants in Alicante, it is prized by the most blasé of gourmands for its mouthwatering sea food fare, such as squid and shrimp, juicy grilled fish, and ambrosial Paella, the national dish of Spain, which hails from Valencia, situated just a short ride away from Alicante.

Working hours: from 9.30 am to 5 pm

Address: Av. de Niza, 38, 03540 San Juan Playa, Alicante, Spain

Moments Bar

Alicante marina & beach bars

Situated near Playa de los Saladares, a less crowded stretch of sand than San Juan, Moments Bar is a one-of-its-kind beach club to pass your summer vacation together with friends.

It is an exlcuisve spot to eat out in style, while gazing at the tranquil allure of the briny. It is prized not just for its exquisite ambience, delicious grub, but also its en-vogue decor.

Munch on its jamon serrano, its specialty, washed down with Spanish wine, and sense the mesmeric magnetism of the Mediterranean, so near and so tempting. A perfect spot for a romantic rendez-vous or a get-together with friends or business partners.

Working hours: from 9am to 2am

Address: Línea de Playa, P.º Tomás Durá, s/n, 1ª, 03008 Urbanova, Alicante, Spain

Albufera Beach Bar

Best beach bars at Alicante's seaside

Situated right on the beach, and frequented for its yummy sea food, such as squid, grilled sardine, and its specialty "Torra" Octopus with vegetables, Albufera Beach Bar is one of the finest beach restaurants in Alicante.

But it is not only seafood it is also its delicious nachos, done in a special Albufera Beach Bar way, it is also the gob-smacking vista opening from its roofed dining area that lure the most jaded of gourmands to this cool beach bar.

Head here to hang out with friends before making your way to one of the beach clubs that the resort town of Alicante is renowned for.

Working hours: contact the beach club by calling +34 722 57 54 23

Address: Av. de la Condomina, 17, 03016 Alacant, Alicante, Spain

Burger Beach Bar

Alicante marina view

Known as one of the best beach diners to tuck into a burger, Burger Beach Bar is one of the best places to meet friends in Alicante.

Here you can have not just a juicy beef patty burger but also drink ice cold drinks and gaze at the palms, scattered along the beach, with their leafs rustling in the soft Mediterranean breeze.

Working hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12 pm to 12 am, the rest of the week the diner is closed
Address: Av. de Niza, 5, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Restaurant Conviction Beach Club

Beach bars and buildings at Alicante

Sitting on the sand, Restaurant Conviction Beach Club is arguably the best beach club on Carabassi Beach, a vast expanse of sand interspersed with areas of brush.

The bar is a shack made of white-painted wood, and is a one-of-its-kind spot to smell the sea breeze, full of brine, and take delight in the mind-blowing vistas of the Mediterranean.

What is more, the small bar is a nice place to go for a quick bite before a beach hike, and is known for its great atmosphere, which will make you not just happy but also relaxed, for the vibe the beach club oozes out is really chilled.

Working hours: +34 633 96 30 52

Address: Playa Carabasí, 03195 Elche, Alicante, Spain

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