Best Beaches Benidorm

Best Beaches Benidorm

The 8 Best Beaches in Benidorm

Known for its 300 day-sunshine period a year, Benidorm is one of the best beach destinations on Costa Blanca. It is not just the marvelous stretches of sand that lure a traveller to the magnificent sea resort of Benidorm, but also its kinetic nightlife, upscale gastronomy and some of the Iberian Peninsula's best hotels.

For you to benefit from your sojourn in Benidorm as much as you can check out our guide to top 8 beaches in Benidorm, Spain.

Benidorm Townscape

Playa de Levante Beach

Known as the busiest beach in Benidorm, the Levante Beach is known for its vast stretch of yellow fine sand, and the placid sea that makes even the most jaded aficionado happy with its magnificent seascape.

Head here for you to profit not only from great spots for sun basking and swimming but also water sports. You can go jet skiing, parasailing or engage in other sea-related sports, or just laze about in the sun.

To this end, you can rent sunbeds, and umbrellas. Once you have seen the breath-snatching beauty of the Mediterranean sunsets, so beautiful if viewed from the beautiful beach 's golden sand, head for a soiree at one of the watering holes that line that vast promenade that stretches along this popular urban beach, and hang out with locals.

Here you can find not just restaurants, but also pubs, beach bars, clubs and cafes, making it one of the best beaches in Benidorm for nightlife fun and chilling with your buddies

Best Beaches Benidorm

Playa del Mal Pas Beach

Sandwiched between Playa de Levante Beach and Playa de Poniente Beach, the small cove is a sandy beach, encircled with a wall, and thus offering a unique secluded feel right in Benidorm's city center.

The small cove is lined with palms, alluringly rustling in the wind, and is one of themes popular beaches in Benidorm for a romantic rendezvous.

Note that in contrast with Costa del Sol, Benidorm beaches boast much warmer water temperatures, and are thus perfect for swimming throughout summer months, Playa del Mal Pas Beach being no exception.

One of the best beaches in Benidorm

Playa de Poniente Beach

One of Benidorm's main beaches, Playa de Poniente Beach is prized for its fine golden sand, and its calm waters.

Situated in the downtown just like Playa de Levante Beach, it is another popular beach in Benidorm, dotted with palm trees offering shaded areas, and featuring sun loungers and umbrellas, and oozing out Benidorm's exclusive relaxed atmosphere.

But it is not just that, here you can do yoga, gymnastics, a host of different fitness programs and a lot of free fine grained sand for you not to just soak up the sunshine but also to keep yourself fit and not only not only in summer months but all year round.

Note that there is also a tourist office to be found right on this beach, and what is more, the area around the beach boasts a cool selection of nice restaurants and bars to while your vesper tine melancholy away.

One of the main Benidorm beaches

Cala de Finestrat Beach

Lying 10 km from the downtown, the idyllic beach boasts crystal clear water, and is one of the most popular beaches of Costa Blanca in high season. As a result it can feel packed at times, so it can be that it is the best to visit it in low season, for example in autumn or spring when the crowds are sparser.

It is backed by the picturesque resort of Finestrat which offers splendid accommodation offers, and some of Costa Blanca Coast 's best nightlife venues and restaurants.

Head here with your significant other for a weekend away from Benidorm for you to immerse into the unique charm of this often overlooked locale, and to profit from one of the best flat-sloped sandy beaches in the vicinity of Benidorm.

Keep in mind that if you want to spend a night out of Benidorm you can rent one of the sea-front hotels, for example, Gran Hotel Delfin.

Benidorm Beach looking, for a sandy beach

Racó del Conill Beach

Known as Benidorm's topmost nudist destination, Raco del Conill Beach is one of the best beaches on Costa Blanca for nude revelry. It is prized for its fine pebbles, pellucid waters, and rocky seabed, perfect for snorkeling.

What is more you can find steep cliffs in its environs, which will shelter your bared self from whatever wind there is.

Keep in mind that it is the most popular nudist beach near Benidorm, making it a great destination to meet fellow nudism lovers.

Stairs in Benidorm

Cala Almadraba Beach

One of the hidden coves in Benidorm, Cala Almadraba beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and is a perfect for a communion with nature.

In low season, the beach is a veritable paradise lost for the lovers and is perfect for scuba divers willing to explore the rocky seabed of the this Costa Blanca hidden gem.

But the true secret behind the beach is that it is just a short distance away from the most popular beach in Benidorm, Levant Beach.

Head for your secret getaway from the crowds to Cala Almadraba and take delight in the tranquil limpid waters of the Mediterranean.

Sandy Beaches Benidorm

Playa del Torres Beach

A serene beach on Costa Blanca, close to Villajoyosa, Playa del Torres Beach is a unique stretch of sand with pebbles and sand, calm pellucid waters, and a stunning vistas of the Mediterranean.

Placed in a hilly setting, it is a perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones, or to just hang out with friends with beers and a cooler.

A rock off one of the main beaches Benidorm

Cala Tio Ximo Beach

A nudist beach of great renown, the little cove is popular with locals for its clear serene waters, and its nice pebbles.

It is the closest beach to Benidorm which is clothing-optional, making it a great choice for those who love to caper around naked on the pebbles and then jump all-nu into the water.

Note that even though in summer it can feel quite packed, it is really chilled both in autumn and spring.

Fine sand and fine golden sand near Benidorm island