Our top 17 Best Sandy Beaches in Valencia, Spain

Our top 17 Best Sandy Beaches in Valencia, Spain

Have you ever thought of where to soak up the sun in Valencia and its environs. Think no more, and read our guide to 17 best beaches in Valencia and its environs.

Las Arenas

Playa de las Arenas in Valencia by John Keogh

Sitting between the port area and Playa del Malvarrosa, Las Arenas Beach is among the region's most popular, since it is situated just 4.5 km from Valencia's city centre.

Thronged with locals and foreigners alike, it is a cool place to socialize. Summers bring crowds of jovial beach lovers onto the beach and into its environs, who fill to capacity the watering holes that are scattered along the beach.

Try not to get infected by the gregarious vibe that strikes even the passerby who just idly walks along the stunning beach path, but can't resist the beach's nocturnal appeal.

How to get there

Take the tram line number 6 and jump off at the station named Las Arenas, then proceed to the vast expanse of sand and have fun.

Playa del Cabanyal

Platja del Cabanyal by Ramón Sobrino Torrens

Named after the city's ancient fisherman's quarter, Playa del Cabañal, also known as the continuation of Playa de Las Arenas or El Cabanyal Beach, the sandy beach is among Valencia's best to combine fine dining at the seaside and lazing around on the beach's light sand.

Once lined with fishermen houses known as "barracas", today it is the beach area 's fabulous restaurants, situated in the eponymous El Cabanyal area, that make the backdrop to the gentle surf of the Mediterranean and the beach's yellow gold sand.

The fantastic beach, known for its gentle waves, provides ample space for beach sports and its ultra soft sand is perfect for sun basking solo or along with your significant other, making it one of the best beaches in Valencia.... Just don't forget oodles of sun cream if fair skinned and are traveling in the summer.

How to get there

Since it is situated next to Playa de la Malvarrosa, you can just take a walk along the golden sand from that beach and find yourself on the magnificent Playa del Cabanyal.

Playa de la Malvarrosa

Playa de la Malvarrosa by Pascual

Known as one of the best beaches in Valencia, Malvarrosa Beach is situated to the north of the harbor and is just 4 km away from Valencia's city center.

The alluring sandy beach is renowned for its golden sand, cool beach bars, placid blue sea and cutting-edge beach facilities.

Keep in mind that the beach-fringing promenade is perfect for walking and cycling alike, while the beach's yellow golden sand is perfect for all kind of activities, be it beach football or volleyball.

Also note that it is a nice spot to engage in all kinds watersports, for example, paddle surfing.

What is more, here you can find a lot of cool beach parties, attended by the city's gregarious and rambunctious youth.

How to get there

To reach to La Malvarrosa by public transport, jump on the tram, on the line 6 or or take a bus running along the lines 19, 31, 32, or 92.

Keep in mind that if you are a cylclist, there’s a bike trail that goes from the city center to the beach. 

Note that you can drive here (there is a parking area close by), or book a ride with Ride with Andy for a smooth transfer to what is arguably Valencia's most beautiful beach.

Playa de la Patacona

Playa de la Patacona by Angel Alicarte

Known as one of the most in-demand real estate spots and prized for its gentle surf, Patacona urban beach is great for sun lovers of all stripes, as well as cyclists, skaters, and roller-skaters, who can't but fall in love with its broad beach path.

The beach stretches itself for 1 km and is lined with beach bars oozing out cool chilled vibe, as well as some choice dining establishments.

Note that it is not just delectable wines, ice-cold beers, and mouthwatering grub that make it a one-of-its-kind destination for a foodie, but also its past gastronomic grandeur.

It was here, in the municipality of Alboraya that the Valencian horchata, the city's famous ground-nut drink was dreamed up by thirsty Valencians, probably after too much Spanish wine on Patacona beach or elsewhere.

Bear in mind also that the beach is rigged out with a number of state-of-the-art sports facilities, such as volleyball courts, and is one of Valencia's beaches that meet the demands of both a sybarite and an athlete.

How to get there

One of the most convenient ways to hit the beach is taking a metro to Albarao-Peris Arago Station, and then taking a walk to the beach.

Playa Saplaya

Saplaya Beach taken by Nacho Rousaud

A quiet beach if compared to the livelier stretches of sand like La Malvarrosa, the 1-km long beach is one of the nicest Valencia beaches.

The vast expanse of sand is located in picturesque Port Saplaya, a cool town, dubbed little Venice for its maze of canals and a drop-dead marina.

Here you can find two different beaches: Port Saplaya Sur and Port Saplaya Norte.

Both playas offer a vast array of facilities ranging from showers to parking lots, toilets, and lifeguard stations.

But what makes it one of the best Valencia beaches is its nightlife, making it a perfect spot to sip cool drinks with your buddies.

Make your way to the town's hip bars and restaurants like Pub Resaca, Onda Bar, or Cerveceria l'antigiva; splash around in the warm waters of the Mediterranean; walk along the picturesque seafront promenade and take pleasure in the beach's gentle breeze, or tuck into the region's signature high-quality seafood at cool seaside fresh seafood & paella restaurants like Restaurants Port Saplaya's Mauricio Beach, or have choice Spanish fare at other venues.

For example, you can munch on ambrosial tacos at RESTAURANTE Y BAR Puerto Cortes

But it is not just the gastronomical marvels that lure beach aficionados to Playa Saplaya, it is also great spots for kite surfers, of all levels. For example, you can master the basics of the art at XSA Surf-Escuela de Surf Valencia, situated right next to Piscina Port Saplaya, one of the best public swimming pools, working daily, except for over the weekend.

How to get there

Note that for you to get to Port Saplaya from Valencia, you need first to take metro line 3 to Alboraya-Peris Aragó, and then hop on a bus running between Alboraya and Port Saplaya.

Playa del Saler

Playa del Saler en Valencia

Situated inside a nature reserve, the 5-km long Playa del Saler Beach is among the nicest playas around the city of Valencia.

Head here to commune with nature, or for a picnic with your loved ones...

But it is not just that, the beautiful beach is one of the most prized destinations for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

What is more, Playa El Saler stands out not just thanks to its sand dunes that make El Saler one of the most beautiful beaches at Valencia, but also the breathtaking natural beauty of the nearby Albufera Natural Park, with its vast Pobles del Sud Lake, beautiful Mediterranean flowers, and some of the region's best hiking options.

Note that if visiting El Saler, you can to El Saler golf club, one of the best places to play golf near Valencia, and the picturesque Albufera Natural Park.

How to get there

You can get to Playa de Saler Beach on a bus from Valencia, via EMT Valencia 2, or 3, at just 2 euros.

Playa El Perellonet

Playa El Perellonet credit JUAN MANUEL SUBIRATS

Renowned for its white sand and two canals, El Perellonet Beach is situated down the coast from El Saler Beach.

Here you can not only walk along the stretch of fine white sand but also go surfing, paddling, windsurfing, and canoeing; or if tired of the sunshine, go off the beach to hike in Parc Natural de l'Abufera, or even visit a magnificent prayer house, the church of Ermita del Sans de la Pedra, situated inside the nature reserve.

But bear in mind that El Perellonet Recati Beach gets especially crowded during the summer months.

How to get there

You can get to El Perellonet beach from Valencia, via EMT Valencia, 25, bus service, which will set you back 2 euros, or, alternatively, you can book a ride with Andy for a smooth transfer to the beach's pearly white sand.

Playa de Pinedo

Playa de Pinedo by Melchor Hoyos

Situated near the mouth of the River Turia, just a 15 minutes ride away from Valencia's city centre, Playa de Pinedo Beach is a one-of-its-kind destination to profit from its unique flora and fauna, amble over its nice sand dunes, or to swim in its quiet limpid waters, and a brand-new walking seafront pathway.

Considered as one of the most appealing sandy beaches in Valencia, Playa de Pinedo is a wide stretch of golden sand, washed by the pellucid waters of the Mediterranean.

The sandy beach is backed by simple diners and nice seafood restaurants, and is considered a quieter beach if considered to the most rip-roaring, beautiful beaches like La Malvarossa, notorious for its kinetic vibe and throngs of roisterous beach goers.

Note that the beach is among the few beaches in Valencia that allow dogs.

How to get there

Take the EMT Valencia line 24/25, and jump off the bus at the Carrera Del Riu - Trav. Pinedo A La Mar.

Playa El Puig

Playa de El Puig

Located just 4 km away from the downtown, El Puig Beach is great for surfers and hikers alike. Here you can find not just a vast stretch of a sandy and pebbly beach but also a small promenade and a wide range of entertainment options for kids.

While in Puig, make sure you visit Monasterio de Santa María, a National Historic Monument that dates back to 1237.

The beach is also much less crowded then la Malvarossa, making it a great spot to hang out with friends for a brief get-together and a wonderful trip down the coast towards Barcelona and the stunning nature and culture marvels of the Costa Brava region (https://rideandy.com/blog/our-guide-to-costa-brava-best-beaches-in-2023)

How to get there

Even though you can take a car to El Puig via the A 7 highway, you can also take the metro line to Rafelbunyol and then make your way to El Puig.

Playa de la Garrofera

Playa de La Garrofera

Known for its pine-fringed dunes, and extending for over 2.5 km, the beach is a veritable jewel. It lies inside Albufera natural park, book-ended by El Saler and La Devesa Beaches.

Not only does it have the usual services such as lifeguards, toilets, parking and so on but it also boasts a nude area, making it one of the best beaches in Valencia to bask in the sun all naked.

How to get there

Take a bus line 24/25 from Valencia to Gola de Puchol, at El Saler, and then take a 9 minutes walk to La Garrofera beach.

L'Arbre del Gos

Platja de L'Arbre del Gos

Situated right next to Pineda Beach, L'Arbre del Gos is a veritable hidden gem of a beach.

Just like Playa de Pineda, it lies close to L'Albufera Nature reserve and boasts stunning golden sand, and nice swimming spots.

Head here with your loved ones or alone for you to commune with nature, walk on its attractive promenade, and have access to the Red Cross first aid, showers and toilets.

Also bear in mind, that it has been awarded a blue flag for environmental quality.

How to get there

Take the EMT Valencia line 24/25, and then disembark at Carrera del Riu-Trav. Pineda A La Mar.

Playa de la Escollera

Playa de la Escollera

Lying at the mouth of the Jucar River, in the municipality of Cuella, this 1-km long quiet beach is fitted out with all the necessary beach facilities like a life lifeguard station, showers, and toilets; and is one of the best spots to profit from a short journey south from Valencia.

How to get there

For you to get here you will need to take a 1 hour car ride, towards Alicante, and exit at Cullera, or you can take a bus to La Escollera from Estacio d’Autobusos de Valencia.

El Marenyet

El Marenyet

Splendid for surfers, Marenyet is also one of the best beaches for a family getaway away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Note that just as other beaches in Cullera area, it feels much more secluded, making it one of Valencia's best beaches for a tranquil soiree by the sea.

How to get there

For you to go to Marenyet Beach, you need to jump on the train from Valencia to Cullera and hop into a taxi to the beach.

Raco de Mar

Playa Raco de Mar

Sheltered from the Tramontana and situated in Canet de Berenguer, Raco de Mar is among the best Valencia beaches for a nature outing with kids. Head here to engage in watersports, such as surfing, or to take delight in the town's many tourist attractions such as its markets.

But it is for sure the beautiful city center, known for its dynamic street life, and the golden sand that make this destination stand out among its counterparts.

Head here to unveil one of the coolest Cullera destinations, and amble along the city's stunningly beautiful palm lined promenade.

How to get to Raco de Mar

For you to visit this 1-km long beach, take the bus 102 or L114A to get from Valencia to Racó de Mar, in Canet de Berenguer , or, alternatively, book a ride with Andy for you to have a swift transfer from your accommodation in Valencia to this marvelous beach.


Playa Terranova

Lying within a one hour car ride from the city center of Valencia, 2-km long Terranova is one of the best Valencia beaches.

Backed by citrus trees, and sand dunes it is a veritable hidden gem located far away from the over-touristy spots closer to the city center of Valencia, or the hectic nightlife spots like Ibiza, Benidorm or Lloret del Mar.

Here, the appeal lies in other things, for example, Terranova's unique nature marvel, El Tou spring, a freshwater spring with some rare bird and fish species to be found there.

How to get there

Even though buses number 26, 95, 98, L116B, all go to the area around Terranova Beach, the beach is still located still quite far away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. So for you to have as smooth a transfer as possible book a Andy to get whisked to the breath-snatching beauty of the stunning beach.


Platja de L'Ahuir

Located on the northernmost tip of Gandia, and a close neighbor of Xeraco beach, Ahuir is one of the best authorized nudist beaches in Spain.

What is more it has been awarded a blue flag status thanks to its untarnished sands and well-preserved environment.

Here you can find a stretch of fine-grained sand, lined with dunes and palms, and some endemic flora.

What is more, there is a beautiful mountain looming over the beach, Monduver, allows for a gob-smacking panorama of the Mediterranean, making it one of the best beaches in Valencia for an romantic outing with your significant other.

Keep in mind that the area is designated as smoking-free, making it a hard destination for a smoker....

How to get there

Take the c1 train from Estación de Tren Valencia-Estaciò Del Nord to Estación de Tren Gandia, then hop on a L6/L2 bus from Gandia to Passeig Maritim-Asturies

Playa El Portet

Situated in Moraira, Playa El Portet, is renowned for its tranquil waters, and a nice stretch of golden sand, encircled by rocks.

Head here with your significant other other to profit from some of the world's most beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean, and spend a nice day out with your significant other, at a locale which is much quieter then other Valencia beaches like Las Arenas Beach, Playa de la Patacona or El Cabanyal Beach.

How to get to Playa El Portet

Since Playa El Portet is situated quite far from Valencia, the best option to get here is to either drive yourself or book a transfer with Andy from the city center of Valencia to Playa el Portet.

Are Valencia Beaches Good for Swimming?

Even though many well-healed travelers adore the luxurious ambience of the resorts of Costa del Sol, and prefer Marbella and Porto Banus with their top-level beach establishments like Nikki Beach Marbella, the waters of Costa Blanca and other Valencia beaches have warmer teal green waters and are known for the many beaches that can't be found anywhere in Spain, including some blue flag stretches of sand, making Valencia region arguably the best beach destination there is on offer in Spain.