Unlock Alicante's Secret: Stunning Villages Around Town

Unlock Alicante's Secret: Stunning Villages Around Town

Explore pretty villages near Alicante


Even though Alicante is in itself a scenic town, there are some destinations close to Alicante, that really stand out thanks to their unrivaled charm. Not only can you go to such regions as Marina Baixa; Marina Alta; Alcoia but to real villages like Agost, El Castel de Guadalest; and Puerto del Agua; but also explore the rest of the region called Costa Blanca...

Here is a list of top locations in the entire province of Alicante, to venture out of Alicante to visit on your trip ... Check out the top towns in Alicante, known for its crystal clear waters, natural heritage, and cities such as La Vila Joiosa and Santa Pole.

See beautiful villages at Marina Baixa


Marina Baixa is a beautiful region located on the eastern coast of Spain, within the province of Alicante. It is famous for its stunning beaches, picturesque towns charming villages, and magnificent mountain ranges. Here are three of the main towns in Marina Baixa, along with their main sites:


Benidorm is the most famous tourist destination in the region, known for its sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and numerous high-rise buildings. The main sites in Benidorm include the iconic Levante and Poniente beaches, the Terra Mitica theme park, and the picturesque old town with its narrow streets and charming houses.

Unveil the old town of Altea


Altea is a charming town that sits atop a hill overlooking the sea. It is renowned for its beautiful old town with white-washed houses, narrow streets, and stunning views of the Mediterranean. The main sites in Altea include the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, the Palau Altea cultural centre, and the promenade along the seafront.

The pearl of Costa Blanca: Villaioyosa


Villaioyosa is a historic town with a rich cultural heritage, located at the mouth of the Amadorio river. It is famous for its brightly colored houses, picturesque fishing port, and traditional chocolate factories. The main sites in Villajoyosa include the Valor chocolate factory, the colorful houses along the seafront, and the Roman bridge over the Amadorio river.


Head to Costa Blanca hidden gem, Polop de la Marina

Polop de la Marina is one of the most charming villages in the province of Alicante, Spain. Despite its small size, its historic centre has plenty of tourist attractions that make it worth a visit. It is not just its narrow streets and its historic center, but also other landmarks like the 18th century Church of Sant Jaume, boasting a beautiful baroque façade; Polop Castle put up in the era of Moorish conquest and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside; Ethnographic Museum, showcasing the town's custom and tradition; Font del Moli, a natural spring located just outside of the town, prized by locals for picnics and a chance to commune with nature; Sierra de Aitana, a mountain range, towering a short drive away from Polop de la Marina and serving as a place of choice for hiking and outdoor activities.

See the beautiful towns of Marina Alta

Marina Alta is a one-of-its-kind region situated on the eastern coast of Spain, inside the province of Alicante. It is little known despite its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and picturesque towns. Here are three of the top towns in Marina Alta, along with their best sites to visit:

Explore Costa Blanca at Javea

Javea is a charming town that is located between two rocky headlands, providing it with a stunning coastal setting. It is known for its beautiful beaches, pellucid waters, and rich cultural heritage. The main sites in Javea include Arenal Beach, the Old Town, the Church of San Bartolome, and the Montgo Natural Park. Note that you can visit Javea on a boat from Denia, which is separated from Javea by Parc Natural del Montgo...

Walk over the cobbled streets of Denia

Denia, one of Spain's most beautiful towns, is located at the base of Montgo mountain. It is known for its long fine-grained sand beaches, picturesque harbor, and kinetic restaurant scene. The main sites in Denia include the Castle of Denia, the Archaeological Museum, the Montgo Natural Park, and most famous beaches, Las Rotas and Marinas Beach.

Travel to see the white houses of Calpe


Calpe is a town that lies at the foot of the Penon de Ifach, a gargantuan rock formation that looms out of the sea. It is renowned for its long stretches of sand, limpid waters, a fishing port and stunning views of the Mediterranean. The main sites in Calpe include the Penon de Ifach Natural Park, the Old Town, the Fish Market, and the Cala del Morello Beach.


Travel to Alcoia, the whole region


Alcoia is a beautiful commune located in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community of Spain. It is known for its vast cultural heritage, drop-dead architecture, and dashing festivals. Here are four off-the-beaten-track destinations to visit in Alcoia, if on a holiday in Alicante Province...

Banyeres de Mariola

Probably the most secret of all hidden gems is Banyeres de Mariola. Not far from the coast, it is a picturesque town located just a few kilometers from Alcoia. Here you can encounter a stunning natural setting, with the Mariola mountain range providing a stunning backdrop to your Alicante village hopping tour. The main sites in Banyeres de Mariola include the Castle of Banyeres, the Plaza Mayor, and the Mariola Natural Park, a veritable magnet for a hiking aficionado.



Ibi - Ibi is a historic town that is located at the foothills of the Sierra de Mariola. It is known for its toy-making industry, with many factories producing toys for both national and international markets. The main sites in Ibi include the Toy Museum, a scenic Natural Park, and the Fira de Tots Sants festival.



Located just a few kilometers from Alcoia, Cocentaina is famous for its rich history, with many buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The main sites in historic center of Cocentaina include the Castle of Cocentaina, the Church of Santa Maria, and the Palace of the Counts of Cocentaina. The town also hosts the renowned All Saints' Fair, one of the oldest and most important fairs in Spain, held in October-November.


Alcoia is a stunning town sitting in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community of Spain. It is prized for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and dashing festivals. Head here to visit the Plaza de España, a city square surrounded by historical buildings, including the Town Hall and the magnificent Church of Santa Maria. Then, continue exploring Alcoia by paying a visit to the Old Town, a labyrinth of narrow streets, meandering alleys, and shady squares that are filled with serenades by evening, with mirth and noise emanating from charming local cafes, and local shops. Some of the most notable buildings in the Old Town include the Church of Santa Maria, the Casa del Pavo, and the Palau Comtal. Then, drop by the Archaeological Museum, exhibiting a collection of artefacts that date back to the Roman and Islamic periods, as well as some really ancient objects dating back as far back as the Bronze Age.


Note that one of the best times to visit Alcoia is April when the Sant Jordi festival is taking place, the city's most important jamboree. Dedicated to the patron saint of the city, Saint George and featuring parades, processions, concerts, and cultural events, it is a veritable cultural bond that binds together generations of the local citizenry.

Other cool places to visit


But it is not just areas that you can visit, you can visit also stand-alone towns: like this you can really find some hidden marvels and feel yourself a veritable hunter for treasures, kept secret through generatons thanks to their relative off-the-beaten-track location....

Succumb to the magic of the creative city of Finestrat


Also located in the Marina Baja, Finestrat is a must-visit. Even if somewhat arcane to the uninitiated, it is one of Spain's nicest hidden treasures. Head here to walk its cobbled streets, see its old town, one of the Costa Blanca most picturesque, or profit from its natural setting.

Not only can you drive to beautiful beaches, just a short drive away but also you can take an inspiring hike at such cool trails as that around Puig Campana mountain, or go for a trip to the Terra Mitica theme park, one of Spain's largest. Especially cool if visiting Alicante Province with kids!

To visit Finestrat from Alicante, you can take the AP-7 highway and exit at Finestrat. The town is located about 12 kilometers from Alicante, and the drive takes approximately 15 minutes.


Give in to the duende of Agost


A small town in Alacanti, Agost is known for its pottery production and ambrosial cuisine. But here you can find not only such thematic landmarks as the Pottery Museum and many sidewalk restaurants with truly delectable fare but also such architectural marvels like the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption; the Castle of Agost and many more historical vestiges of eras long gone.

To visit Agost from Alicante, you can take the A-31 highway and exit at Agost. The town is located about 25 kilometers from Alicante, and the drive takes approximately 30 minutes.

Make a trip to El Castel de Guadalest


Known as one of Marina Baja's most beautiful villages, Guadalest is a hill-perched town which seems to have been frozen in time... Here you can pay a visit to the Castle of San Jose, a walled citadel offering gob-smacking vistas of the surroundings; explore the Guadalest Valley Museum, where you can learn about farming, wine-making, olive oil production, and crafts such as weaving and pottery; or simply amble around the Old Town, in its narrow streets and alleyways to admire the charming architecture, local shops, and cafes. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the iconic blue-domed bell tower and the town's unique little jailhouse museum.

The best way to get to Guadalest from Alicante is the following: take a tram or a transfer from Alicante to Benidorm, just short over 1-hour tram ride, then take a local bus or taxi to Guadalest or go in a private taxi...


Sail to Tabarca


One of the most beautiful villages near Alicante, and of all Costa Blanca, the entire town of Tabarca is a tourist magnet. Here you can not just historical marvels like Tabarca Island Museum, but also unique natural treasures and a unique insular vibe.

The reason is that the village of Tabarca is located on an eponymous island, and boasts one of the most famous beaches in the region.

Note that the best way to reach Tabarca Island is to go here by ferry from Alicante, Benidorm or Santa Pola...


Santa Pola


One of the most picturesque villages of the province of Alicante, located in Baix Vinalopo, Santa Pola boasts unique cultural and natural heritages.

To see the unique vestiges of Medieval civilization, make your way to knock-out, 16th-century Santa Pola Castle, a walled citadel erected to defend the city from pirate raids; venture to Museo del Mar, devoted to the city's marine history, showcasing traditional watercraft, fishing gear and other sea-related stuff; or Santa Pola Lighthouse, a post-card view and a veritable tourist draw....


If you are tired of all the ancient stuff, head out of town to Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park, home to flamingos and other waterbirds. Visitors can explore the park's salt flats and take a guided tour to learn about the area's history and ecology.

Other natural marvels at Santa Pola include its sea level, perfect for watersports and magnificent beaches such as Levante beach, so nice to swim, sunbathe, and do water sports at.

Note that you can get to Santa Pola from Alicante by bus, taking just over half-an-hour...

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