Spice up Your Holiday with Lloret de Mar's Top Activities!

Spice up Your Holiday with Lloret de Mar's Top Activities!

Things to do Lloret de Mar

Lloret del Mar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. 

Renowned for its stunning Mediterranean beaches, vibrant nightlife, and plethora of activities, it’s no wonder that it pulls in so many visitors each year. 

Whether you’re a fan of sightseeing, sports, or just a lover of the sea, Lloret del Mar is sure to have something for you. Here’s a look at the top ten things and some general info to do when on a visit to this breath-taking destination.

Enjoy Lloret de Mar nightlife 

Famed for its kinetic nightlife, the city is packed with bars, clubs, and pubs, which will surprise the most demanding of travellers. Head here to dance till the morning at Dance Tropics, a magnet for all the gregarious folk of the hood; before proceeding to other cool discos in Lloret de Mar like, Gotham Lloret, Rockefellers Disco Bar, Disco Moef Gaga, Disco Prive Lloret, Disco Colossos, and Alcatraz.

For a more-pub-like experience make your way to Tequila 85, a cool watering hole for a night out with friends;  before venturing to explore a myriad of other cool night establishments such as El Pub Lloret, the Nag’s Head, among other pubs, which are quite nice for stag parties among pals. 

If you're looking for something a bit more off the beaten track, then head to the edge of the town for some of the best discos and clubs. The nearby coves and beaches are also home to some of the best beach parties in the area. So, whatever type of nightlife you're after, you can be sure to find something to suit your needs in Lloret de Mar.

Keep in mind that many of the bars such as Rockefellers and Sanndance Lloret were shut due to the pandemic, but the force of the in-bound tourism’s recovery promises ever more frantic parties ahead to Lloret de Mar’s seasoned DJs. 

See unique local culture events and visit Santa Cristina Beach for Santa Cristina Festival

For sure the young and thirsty adventurers yearn for the hectic parties of its iconic clubs such as Disco Tropics,  Gotham Lloret or a pint at a nice pub with your amigos, but there is still a lot of inter-mingling to do during the daytime. 

To unveil Lloret de Mar’s more refined leisure, visit The Som de Mar Festival, a popular music event held in August, featuring renowned national DJs, nice vibe & gastronomy, and live music in the historical gardens of Santa Clotilde. Or, as an alternative, you can attend the magnificent display of Sant Romà Festival, a religious event held in November, and followed by a city-wide Medieval Fair; El Traginer, a traditional Christian event, held on the second Sunday of January at Les Alegries hermitage, cool for kids and adults alike; mid-June Americans' Fair, a week-long city-wide tribute to the rich commercial heritage of the area and the role of the American indigenous tribes in its evolution; or drop by Santa Cristina Festivity, commencing around July 24 and featuring a traditional maritime procession, during the summer months. 

Note that Lloret De Mar Santa Cristina Festivity takes places on Santa Cristina Beach, where a huge is formed over the occasion..

Visit best beaches, Lloret Beach, Santa Cristina Beach and Fenals Beach in Lloret de Mar


With its stunning Mediterranean coastline, Lloret del Mar is one of the best destinations of the Iberian Peninsula to soak up sunshine and relax on the beach. 

The town’s main beach, the Municipal Beach of Lloret del Mar, located on the seafront boulevard, is the perfect place to while away hot midday hours under a sun umbrella. 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a drive along the coast to explore some of the lesser-known stretches of sand.

There are a number of other beaches worth venturing to, in the town’s immediate vicinity. One of them is Cala Boadella, for example. Featuring pellucid waters and white sands, Cala Boadella is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and watersports. Another one is Santa Cristina Beach, one of Lloret de Mar's best...

Another great option is Playa Fenals, a stunning beach located just seven kilometres from the centre of Lloret del Mar. Boasting golden sands, shallow waters, and plenty of space for lazing about in the sunshine, Playa Fenals is a great spot for families or groups of friends to bask in the sun and take a dip.

Finally, Cala Canyelles is a beautiful and secluded beach situated nine kilometres from Lloret del Mar. This beach is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. With its golden sands and limpid waters, Cala Canyelles is a great spot for swimming, snorkelling, and simply taking delight in the natural beauty of the coruscating Mediterranean. 

With a number of stunning beaches near Lloret del Mar, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Visit Water world Lloret and its huge range of entertainment options

Waterworld Lloret is Costa Brava’s largest water park located close to downtown. It is home to cutting edge-edge water park facilities and boasts exclusive activities, ranging from family-friendly to daring and thrilling. Whether you’re seeking a fun day out or a wild adventure, Waterworld Lloret is sure to have something for everyone.

Highlights include the Wave Pool, Relax Lagoon, Water Mountain, Rafting River, Kamikaze Slide, X-Treme Mountain, Family Lagoon, Kiddie Island, Speed Slides and Hurricanes among others. 

Bear in mind that there’s also a variety of restaurants, snack bars, and cafes located within the park, making it the perfect spot for a day of fun and relaxation

Explore the downtown and old town that Lloret de mar offers

The historic centre of Lloret del Mar exudes charm and beauty. Take a stroll through the narrow shade-submerged alleyways and marvel at the quaint, somewhat parochial allure of the buildings and monuments sitting along the way. Here you can not only sense the tranquil siesta charm of the place but also see some of the region’s authentic architecture, oozing out a melancholic feeling for an era long gone. 

Head to Lloret del Mar’s lesser known historical landmarks such as the Santuari de Sant Pere del Bosc, the Montbarbat Iberian Settlement, and the Can Xardo. Or as the night sets in, you can make your way to the town’s most important nightlife hubs in the downtown or opt for a beach jamboree right by the sea edge. 

Don’t miss out on the area’s Roman sites such as Sepulcro romano de Lloret de Mar, to feel the sheer antiquity of the surrounding cultural gems to combine culture and nature; or one of Spain’s nicest seaside casinos, Gran Casino Costa Brava, to try your luck after a day of intense tanning. But, don’t forget to apply oodles of suncream. 
Also don't miss out on the Maritime Museum of Lloret de Mar...

Sample the Local Cuisine

Lloret del Mar is home to some amazing restaurants, serving up traditional Spanish dishes such as paella and tapas. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try some of the local seafood dishes? 

You’re sure to find some ambrosial Lloret de Mar’s seafood to pamper your taste buds with. If you are up for some choice seabass fish, head to Via Amalfi, a chic resto, Can Bolet, another swanky diner renowned for its ambrosial Mediterranean fare, Pops, another miracle of the Mediterranean gastronomy with delectable seafood and choice wine, or a more chic Restaurante Can Tarradas, situated a short distance from the Lorret beach, one of the city’s best. 

But there is much more than seafood to delight at in Lloret de Mar. 

Check out Lloret’s del Mar’s best place to eat Jamon Serrano, Jamon II

If you're looking to experience the authentic flavours of Spain, you can't go wrong with a plate of Jamon Serrano, one of the country's most beloved culinary traditions. And there's no better place to enjoy this delicious ham than in Lloret de Mar, a vibrant coastal town in the heart of the Costa Brava.

One of the best places to indulge in Jamon Serrano in Lloret de Mar is Jamon, an eye-appealing restaurant with a focus on traditional Spanish cuisine. Here, you can savour the rich, salty flavour of the Jamon, which is made from carefully selected pork and cured for months to bring out its unique taste. What is more, there is also many artisanal pieces of bread and comestibles. Note that this is the real Spanish food here, without the varnish of spurious refinement of a more cosmopolitan Madrid or Barcelona. 

But Jamon Serrano isn't the only culinary delight you'll find in Lloret de Mar. The town is home to a wide range of restaurants and eateries that serve everything from fresh seafood to classic paella. And with its stunning beaches, charming streets, and lively atmosphere, Lloret de Mar is the perfect place to indulge in a little culinary adventure.

As you explore the town, be sure to try some of the local specialities, such as the traditional Catalan dish of botifarra, a hearty sausage and bean stew that's sure to warm you up on a blizzardy day of the Mediterranean winter. And of course, no visit to Lloret de Mar would be complete without sampling some of the region's world-famous wines and cavas.

Take a Boat Trip

Lloret del Mar’s location on the Mediterranean Sea makes it the perfect spot to take a boat trip. You can cruise around the nearby coastline and spot some of the area’s Marine wildlife, from dolphins to seagulls. Alternatively, why not take a sun-drenched boat trip around Lloret Beach. 

You can take a boat ride with Blue Sail Costa Brava as part of a group tour ; or opt for a pricier private boat ride option. Also, long-term boat, catamaran and yacht rentals are available, catering to a whole gamut of budgets and preferences. 

Bear in mind that the most popular boat trip from Lloret del Mar is a sail along the scenic Costa Brava rugged and mountainous coastline. 

Also note that you can swim ashore and take great selfies from the rocks that dot the shoreline. 

Travel to Camping Senia Cala Canyelles

Situated just a short walk from the stunning Canyelles Cove, a local nature marvel, Camping Senia Cala Canyelles is one of the best spots to camp it out at Lloret del Mar to combine first-class nocturnal entertainment with pristine nature. 

The camping is one of the best places in this corner of Spain to enjoy prime access to all kinds of watersports. 

Here you can go kayaking, water skiing, along with doing other watersports  as well as experience banana boat rides and beach games, to add to seaside hiking and biking excursions.

Note that the camping resort also boasts state-of-the-art travelling infrastructure and facilities such as its magnificent swimming pool, a children’s playground, with a host of other perks to boot. 

Don’t miss out on great cocktails at the resort’s trendy Chill Out Bar, a tranquil spot to go all moon-eyed at the resort’s gorgeous sunsets. 

Go to Cala Banys Bar Terrace with a cocktail 

If you love fishing and snorkelling in Lloret de Mar, you must visit this famous spot between Lloret and Fenals beach. You can access it by proceeding along an idyllic walkway that passes the monument to the Woman Sailor or by walking down from the castle of Sant Joan de Lloret. This rocky cove has a stone path along its coast leading to the Cala Banys bar, where you can enjoy exclusive cocktails on the Costa Brava.

Note that the bar is open on all weeks except for Wednesday from 9.00 to 24.00; its address being C. Canonge Domènech, 8, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain

Pay a visit to Iglesia de Sant Romà church

This beautiful church, built in the 16th century, boasts a unique Catalan Gothic style and is home to several stunning religious artworks.

Visitors can admire the church's ornate façade, bell tower, and interior adorned with impressive vaulted ceilings, intricate stained glass windows, and well-preserved altarpieces. The church also houses a museum where you can learn more about its history and the local culture.

Take selfies from the battlements of Castell d’en Plaja

The Castell d'en Plaja is a stunning mediaeval castle located in Lloret de Mar, a beautiful coastal town on the Costa Brava. This historic monument was built in the 11th century and has been well-preserved over the years, making it a popular tourist attraction for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

Visitors can explore the castle's many towers, walls, and rooms, which offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside. The castle also houses a museum, where visitors can learn more about the history of Lloret de Mar and the castle itself.

For those looking to take the perfect selfie, there are several great spots around the castle that offer stunning backdrops. The castle's towers and walls provide a great view of the surrounding area and make for a great photo opportunity. The courtyard is also a great spot for a photo, with its beautiful gardens and fountains.

In addition to the castle, Lloret de Mar has plenty of other great spots for selfies. The beach is a popular spot, with its crystal-clear waters and beautiful sunsets. The town's many historic buildings and narrow streets also offer great photo opportunities.
Note that another fortress to visit is Sant Joan, another local prime landmark and Santa Clotilde gardens, arguanly the city's most pleasant tourist attraction...

Pay a visit to the Ancient Roman Ruins at Lloret de Mar

One of the best things to do in Lloret de Mar if tired of the frenetic pace of its nights, is a visit its Roman architectural heritage. Make a trip to Lloret de Mar's Roman sites, which include  the Roman Villa of Els Ametllers and the Puig de Castellet archaeological site. The Roman Villa of Els Ametllers is a well-preserved example of Roman architecture, featuring beautiful mosaics and frescoes that are sure to impress visitors. The Puig de Castellet archaeological site is another popular attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into the town's ancient past

Additional informations

Is Lloret de Mar worth visiting?

Just a short drive away from Barcelona, Lloret de Mar is a veritable pearl of the Mediterranean. First and foremost, the town boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava, which include such treasures as Cala Boadella or Calla Calyendes with clear waters and soft sand. 

Secondly, Lloret de Mar town boasts over a dozen historical sites to visit, including chapels, sanctuaries, museums and ancient settlements that visitors can explore. Highlights include but are not limited to Castle of Saint Joan and another ancient fortress, Castell d’en Plaja, another Medieval fortress, the Church of Sant Romà, and the Santa Clotilde Gardens. 

Thirdly, Lloret de Mar is a great destination for those who take delight in outdoor activities, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, water sports, and golf. Finally, Lloret de Mar is a lively town with a bustling nightlife, offering visitors a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants, ensuring that there is always something to see and do.

What is Lloret de Mar famous for?

One of the most interesting things about the locale is its history. Lloret de Mar traces its past back to the Roman era, as evidenced by the remains of a Roman villa, El Amettlers.

During the mediaeval period, the town was home to several defensive towers that were built to protect the area from the predation of the robbers of the sea. In the 15th century, Lloret de Mar became a centre for fishing and agriculture, with many families growing reliant on the sea and the land for their income.

In the 20th century, Lloret de Mar began pulling in travellers from all over the continent, luring them with its idyllic stretches of sand, cool vibe and rich cultural heritage. The town experienced a period of rapid growth, with hotels and resorts mushrooming all over the place to cater to the swelling tourist numbers.

Today, Lloret de Mar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and frenzied nightlife. Despite its worldwide renown, the town has managed to keep much of its duende, making a trip here a truly mesmerising experience.

What is Lloret de Mar known for?

Lloret de Mar is a coastal resort town in the Costa Brava region of Spain, known for its lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, and historic sites. The town has a long history, with many attractions dating back to the Roman era. 

It's also a popular destination for visitors looking for an active holiday, with plenty of activities for all ages. In the day, you could explore Lloret de Mar's many attractions, including its mediaeval castles, such as Sant Joan; Santa Clotilde gardens, and nearby waterparks.

In the evening, the town comes alive with its lively bars and clubs, making it the perfect destination for a party-filled vacation, or a day-trip from a queiter locale such as Tossa de Mar or Sant Roma, which feels like a time-travel from the Middle Ages.

Here you can not only take delight in historical heritage, profit from largest water parks, such as New World, but also play mini golf, pay a visit to stunning beaches like Canyelles Beach year round; visit its night clubs, and try out local signature tapas dishes at its sterling tapas bars, which make to walk not an option but a neccessity.

Is Lloret de Mar like Benidorm?

While both Lloret de Mar and Benidorm are located in the Costa Brava region of Spain and are popular tourist destinations, they offer different experiences and attractions. Benidorm is known for its bustling nightlife and vibrant atmosphere, while Lloret de Mar is a more traditional Spanish holiday destination that still has plenty of bars and clubs, but also offers more cultural attractions, such as its castle and gardens. Lloret de Mar is also much quieter than Benidorm, making it a great option for a more relaxed vacation.

Is Lloret de Mar a party town?

Lloret de Mar is widely known as a party town. With its vibrant nightlife, the city attracts young people from all over the world who come to sense its kinetic vibe and visit local bars, clubs such as La Sa and the rest, and discotheques. 

The main beach area is the town’s main nightlife hub and there are plenty of beach bars and terraces that stay open late into the night. During the summer months, the town is also home to a host of music festivals, beach parties, and other special events. So, if you're loo

King for a fun and exciting place to party, Lloret de Mar is the perfect destination!

How to go from Barcelona to Lloret ?

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